Five Great Reasons to Party in Fort Lauderdale

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3. Horny people

Which brings us to our next reason: Fort Lauderdalians are horny. They are hornier than a high school English class assigned to read 50 Shades of Grey. Hornier than Ron Jeremy during lent. Ft. Lauderdalians are hornier than Tiger Woods doing anything.

You might get lucky. But only if your definition of luck is waking up in between someone you don't recognize and a pizza crust.

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
2. Hot dog guys
In Greek mythology, the sirens were beautiful but dangerous creatures that lured sailors to their death with sweet songs and pretty faces.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale has sirens. They're not beautiful, and they don't sing. They cook meat.

And at 2 a.m., when you're at your lowest point of drunken hunger, they lure you towards their rocky shore with promises of pleasure.

Photo by Logan Fazio
If you're unlucky, you might even see Guy Fieri!
2. You never know who you'll see
Both John Stamos and Jimmy Buffett have gotten drunk at the Bahia Cabana. And we're pretty sure Kim Kardashian stopped by Tarpon Bend once to use the bathroom.

You really never know who you'll see in Fort Lauderdale (but chances are they'll be eating a hot dog).

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You know what they say. Fort Lauderdale is where the celebrities come to ask for directions to Miami.

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