Ten Best Acts to See at SunFest 2014

Categories: Music Festivals

7. J. Cole
FPL Stage, May 2
This is SunFest's one hip-hop act this year. J. Cole has songs that'll make you dance sweetly up against your fairground neighbor and possibly then up all night singing love songs.

6. Doobie Brothers
Tire Kingdom Stage, May 2
The Doobies, man! Only a fool would believe that skipping out on this funky-ass group is a good idea. Listen to the music, people.

5. Afrobeta
There's no dancier duo from Miami than the winning team of Smurphio and Cuci Amador. Afrobeta could raise a corpse from the grave and at least get it bobbing its head. This is an act that will have you asking even the most innocent coed at the show: Do You Party?

See also: Afrobeta, a Perfect Pair

4. Ellie Goulding
Ford Stage, May 4
Ellie Goulding is bringing house music back to the radio airwaves, and we're grateful for that. We'd like the Brit to sing "Lights" and leave the Skrillex back home.

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