Ten Best Acts to See at SunFest 2014

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Morgan Coleman

Every year, SunFest sweeps through West Palm Beach, bringing with it plenty of new and classic acts that draw both the youngest and oldest music fans of the tricounty area.

This year, the lineup stays true to those of the past. It keeps it balanced so that your grandma, your kid, and your dog are all able to find genuine entertainment out there at the end of Clematis.

We took a minute to choose a few of the acts we'd most like to check out at SunFest. We think you might agree.

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10. Kid Rock
Ford Stage, April 30
Because Kid Rock. No other reason.

No matter how much you pooh-pooh this guy to your friends and family, there's some part of you that is genuinely curious about what his live show is like. Can he rap? What bandanna will he wear? How has his hair withheld the test of time? Not to be missed.

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9. Dick Dale
Ford Stage, April 30
Come worship at the altar of Dick Dale, a true rock god. Watching the old guy's long locks flow in the wind of an onstage fan is like watching Zeus on Mount Olympus high. Surf rock gets ya somewhere deep inside; your soul responds.

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8. Robin Thicke
Ford Stage, May 1
Dale may have you by your heart, but the next day, Robin Thicke will have you by your crotch. Thicke is the hottest dude to catch live these days. Will Miley pop in and pop that booty? Probably not, but "Blurred Lines" will definitely be performed.

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