Five Ways to Score With a Hot Spring Breaker

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Logan Fazio
This guy's read-to-go.

4. But if you want it, go for it.
There's a flip side to that last rule. Let's say you are a sorority girl and you have a hankering for a hipster. You should still go for it. Leave your dumb sorority stuff at home (if possible). It's not a bad idea to hit up Mr. Muscles first and use him as a segue to Capt. Cool, whom you can attempt to charm with your knowledge of Tao Lin's writing. He's likely either a frat dude trying out a new look or a cool guy looking to score with a sorority girl anyway. As long as you're self-aware and clever about it, you'll win!

Alex Markow
You're bold and beautiful. Werk it.

5. Leave your expectations at home, and hydrate.
Spring break is a time for adventure and responsibility. So don't ruin things by being the dumbest dumbass ever. Again, keep it together, but also figure out a way to let go of your boring hangups. Just enjoy the crazy path you're on.

Also, drink a lot of water, and don't forget to eat lunch and dinner. Good luck on this journey. The force is now with you (oh, and no Star Wars jokes either).

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