Top Seven Rising Female-Fronted Bands in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Unit 1

4. Raggy Monster
West Palm Beach

Raggy Monster is all over the Palm Beach scene. These five filmed their own video with local "zombies" at Speakeasy Lounge in Lake Worth, they've performed Moonfest in WPB, and even were the first to record at Unit 1 Sessions, live in the gallery.

Billy Schmidt and Rachel DuVall both handle vocal duties, but this is definitely a band with strong feminine feelings and plenty of rock 'n' roll. You can relish her signature howl at the start of their album above.

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Bonnie Riot-thumb-500x500.jpg

5. Bonnie Riot
Lake Worth

Milly La Madrid, singer and founding member of Bonnie Riot, called the band's newest endeavor: "Something along the lines of 'Indie electrónico raw rock.'" Though the band has endured its share of lineup changes, she and Luis Sanabria have remained steady.

The group's name isn't actually a reference to another fabulous female singer -- Bonnie Raitt -- its meaning is actually "bonnie" as beautiful and riot as riot. A beautiful riot is what La Madrid creates. Tons of soul on top of some real rock energy.

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Where is Defy The Skyline? I saw them at Beach Place (along with Raggy Monster) and they were phenomenal!


Where is Sahara and The Resolvers??

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