Top Seven Rising Female-Fronted Bands in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Rich Aroma

2. Beach Day

If there's one local act that is rising like the sun, it's Beach Day. The Hollywood trio brings it with loud, jingly garage and girl-group romance. It's already been signed to the very hip Kanine Records.

Kimmy Drake, tall with perfectly straight bangs and guitar in hand, heads Beach Day; her presence alone could summon the attention of the world.

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3. Darling Sweets
Lake Worth

The Darling Sweets are one of the acts at the helm of the punk-roots movement that's fostering a sound and following in Lake Worth.

Multi-instrumentalist Lindsey Sayre leads the band in song and the crowd in stepping along. There's a lot of movement and love in the Darling Sweets' music. They're also signed to Wayward Parade Records, which will be hosting Aces High Music Festival this April at Respectable Street. You can catch the soulful quartet there.

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Where is Defy The Skyline? I saw them at Beach Place (along with Raggy Monster) and they were phenomenal!


Where is Sahara and The Resolvers??

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