Top Seven Rising Female-Fronted Bands in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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Broward and Palm Beach counties have their fair share of musical masterminds. And though most acts here are not led by female voices, what we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality. We have some fine bands led by women with powerful messages and vocals.

What follows are seven solid groups fronted by local sisters in song. We wanted to show some respect to these brave and beautiful ladies who make it their business to keep music diverse here and to express their unique visions of the world through sound.


1. Killmama
Deerfield Beach

The other day, we pulled out Fever to Tell, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's debut album. It was so delightfully rock 'n' roll, pumped plump with the blues, it was hard not to be like: Where the hell are the next YYYs? The answer: Right fucking here in Deerfield Beach!

Killmama has that same energy and soul that modern rock so desperately needs. Sophie Sputnik kills it on drums with a voice reminiscent of Heart's Ann Wilson, and Rob Kingsley handling guitar duties makes this twosome sound like the room is filled, wall to wall, ceiling to floor, with only them.

See also: Killmama's Drummer, Sophie Sputnik, Says She's Grateful for the "Opportunity to Bang on Things"

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