Too Future's Anniversary Party Honors the Bass


One year ago, we parked our car along a side street off Himmarshee in downtown Fort Lauderdale and followed the sound.

It led us to Original Fat Cat's where, on a cool Monday night, deep, slow-wobbling vibrations oozed like molasses over an otherwise motionless city block. By midnight, the dark interior of the bar had filled with a crowd who swayed their bodies and moved their arms in undulating waves to the bass music.

It was the inaugural night of Too Future, a party that over the next several months would bring some of the world's most coveted and respected underground dubstep DJs to the devout bassheads of South Florida. It aimed to offer an answer to the rampant club scene of overblown, oversaturated, commercialized EDM. It aimed to be "anti-pop."

"Our vision is a unified tri-county bass music scene that will help the push to educate people about music that is not served to them on a commercial platter," says Gaurav Khanna, one of the original Too Future founders, who also DJs and helms booking and internet marketing duties.

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A year after setting out to make a real, lasting change in the local scene, the Too Future crew are as motivated as ever to keep the spirit of deep bass music alive and continue building momentum.

"[Too Future] has very much been a month-to-month affair," Khanna says. "As support has grown for the night, and interest in the deeper sound of bass music has regained popularity, we have been more and more encouraged to keep hosting it."

Over its year-long run, Too Future headliners have included award-winning dubstep DJs from across the pond and around the U.S., including Rinse.FM mainstay Youngsta, U.K.s minimal master V.I.V.E.K., Baltimore's deep dubstep pioneer Joe Nice, and a handful of others. This Monday, the one-year anniversary will bring back Youngsta, who headlined that first night, along with New Orlean's Unicorn Fukr, and Miami's Gooddroid.

For Too Future co-founder and promoter Eric Carbonell, the best parts of the party over the last year have been "working together with my closest friends to create a scene that barely existed, just so that we can enjoy the artist and sound that we love; creating friendships with all of the artist who we support and are now supporting us; [and] getting world wide recognition for our small party." Too Future even got a nod in a recent Mixmag article highlighting noteworthy "real dubstep" pursuits in the U.S.

But it hasn't been without its challenges keeping up the monthly.

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Original Fat Cat's

320 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Music

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Big up to G. Khanna and the Too Future crew for creating an awesome REAL scene in South Florida.

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