Sunny Devilles Make Hip-Hop Influenced by Bob Dylan

I've been listening to In Search Of... and it sounds like Tribe Called Quest might have been an influence. Are there any acts that you listen to and are influenced by that might be surprising?
James: We really don't listen to rap that much honestly. We listen to more artists coming out now. We listen to Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin. Pretty much everything besides hip-hop. We like hip-hop, but I don't know... It's not music we listen to all the time.
Tanner: We love hip-hop from being younger. It played a big part then. We enjoyed it and we thought it was our way of expressing ourselves but I think we are influenced by more of an experimental side of things. I think that's where we are heading, more and more experimental. Things will change a lot.

Tell us about how you guys got hooked up with Jacuqes de Beaufort and UNIT 1.
Tanner: We were at Propaganda and Jacques came up to us and was like, "you should come check out this spot I'm working on." So we go over there and it seemed like a really cool place. We just felt comfortable. You are free to do whatever you want. He liked the vision for the first show that we threw there.

What's next? More shows? Just South Florida? Tour?
Tanner: All of that and more. We are trying to get a lot more shows. We want to rock down South a little more, in the Miami area. We are kind of locked Palm Beach County right now. We want to do the South Florida thing, hopefully a Florida tour sometime soon. We are trying to get involved in some festivals. But nothing is in stone right now.
James: Making more merch, getting a little more creative in that way.
Tanner: We want to do all the marketing stuff and play as many shows as we possibly can, see as many people as we possible can. Just keep growing.

What do you want someone who hasn't seen you live to know about the record?
James: It's very personal. Take some time to listen to it because there was a lot of thought put into it.
Tanner: It's not really something you can just turn on and walk away. Maybe a couple of the tracks will trigger something.
James: It's more for something you listen to when you are by yourself, when you are in a rut and need to get out of it.
Tanner: It's a reclusive album. You've got to appreciate it.

Download In Search Of... by The Sunny Devilles for free on their Bandcamp and like them on Facebook.

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