Paul Mecurio: From Wall Street to The Daily Show

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Obviously making the jump from a lawyer to a standup is difficult. But how does it feel to write jokes for other people?

I didn't start getting into this to be a writer. The Daily Show writing job, which I did for seven or eight years, I took it just because I was starting out in standup and it would be a way to make quick money, and I figured it would get canceled in a little while like everyone else and give me a credit for my résumé. Then one thing led to another, and it turned into kind of this crazy cult thing, and people started dishing out awards and stuff.

I heard you on the Paul and Young Ron Show talking about getting Paul McCartney on your podcast.
I got to meet Paul at The Colbert Report. He was just standing in a hallway. The more we talked, the closer I was getting to his face, to the point where I was like one of the baboons cleaning ticks off his face on the National Geographic Channel. And we talked and we talked, and then finally I said, "Hey I don't know if you are cool with this, but I would love for you to do my podcast." And I thought he would say no, but he said "Sure!" just like that. I was completely thrown, and I didn't know what to do at that point because I thought he was going to say no. I exchanged numbers with Paul McCartney and an hour later he left me a voice message, which I have on my phone to this day, where he was saying, "I want to do your podcast." And that's how that happened.

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
Oh, excellent question. I would have to say the steak and cheese, not sharp provolone, just your basic provolone. Got to have the onions and the peppers on it. And maybe a little side of coleslaw and a pickle. The half sour pickle. I'm very particular about my pickles, just so you know.

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