Orbweaver's Sally Gates and Jason Ledgard: Guitar Heroes of South Florida

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Janette Valentine

In part one of our series profiling South Florida's most inspiring unsung champions of guitar, we spoke with Orbweaver's Randy Piro about his gear, influences, and what sets him apart as a player. Here, we speak with Orbweaver's other intrepid shredders, guitarist Sally Gates and bassist Jason Ledgard, both of whom happen to be athletic, creative players that are integral to Orbweaver's off-kilter conjurings and belligerent pummeling.

Sally Gates

New Times: How did you get your start playing guitar?
Sally Gates: I went through a bunch of instruments before I got around to guitar. When I was five, I played piano for like six years or so, then I went through like violin, saxophone, recorder -- all that shit, as you do. At some point, when I was 14 -- I have no fucking idea why -- but I just decided I wanted to play guitar. So, I picked it up, and I think I went to my guitar teacher and I had a few CDs, and it was like, Cradle of Filth, Emperor, etc, and he was just like, "Yeah, let's start with this" and it was like, "Enter Sandman" and it sort of got me into the same area.

How did you get into such extreme metal at 14?
I don't entirely remember. I mean, my sister had some CDs, shit like Godsmack and System of a Down, and I sort of listened to that for a minute and was like, "eh, this is cool." And then I went to the record store and by pure chance picked up Emperor's Anthems, and I thought it was awesome, and I got a few compilation albums and just picked the bands I liked off of them.

Whom would you consider your top influences as a guitarist?
Les Claypool. Apparently all of my riffs sound like Primus. I have to go with the classics, like Gilmour and Brian May. Um, Stanley Kubrick. His soundtracks, stuff like in Natural Born Killers, sort of like visual and musical influences tie in for me. To some extent, stuff like Today is the Day and Mike Patton.

Orange OR100, Sovtek Mig-60, Orange 4x12 cab.

What would you say is the most inspiring piece of equipment in your rig?
That's a tough question. Like, this is my new toy (points at Orange OR100). I think just for purely for jamming, I think the delay pedal is probably the most inspiring piece if you will. It just makes everything sound awesome!

What's the secret weapon in your rig?
I think for me, it's vibrato. We have one riff where all the reviews we've had have been, "Oh, this theremin part" and it's actually my vibrato pedal.

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