Orbweaver's Randy Piro: Guitar Heroes of South Florida

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2001 Gibson Explorer Millenium Edition

Tell me about your main Gibson Explorer.
Like I said earlier, I've always loved James Hetfield, and I've always loved Trey and Morbid Angel, and the second time I saw Morbid Angel, both Trey and Eric (whom I would later be in a band with) were both playing Explorers. So, I've always had a fascination with that guitar. As far as a metalhead's concerned, it's like, the perfect shape. But, I took a road to get here, man. My original favorite guitar was my Dad's Les Paul, and from there -- because it wasn't metal enough -- I got into flying vees, and I had a vee forever. And then I got this Explorer from an old bandmate of mine. Do you remember Mars music? This was a special edition for Mars Music called the Millennium Explorer, it's a 2001.

Why is it your number one?
It's special because it's mine. Also, my lady painted the pick guard for me, so that makes it extra special. It's got a killswitch in here that I have a lot of fun with.

Orbweaver is heading out on a three week tour with Shroud Eater, which they kicked off with a hypnotic set at Churchill's Pub last night. Here are the remaining dates:
2/19/14 - Will's Pub, Orlando, FL
2/20/14 - The Shark Tank, Tallahassee, FL
2/21/14 - The Handlebar, Pensacola, FL
2/22/14 - Siberia, New Orleans, LA
2/23/14 - Beerland, Austin, TX
2/25/14 - Kim's Sports Bar, Riverside, CA
2/26/14 - Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA
2/27/14 - Frankie Teardrops, San Luis Obispo, CA
2/28/14 - The Complex, Los Angeles, CA
3/1/14 - The Yucca Tap Room, Tempe, AZ
3/2/14 - The Trainyard, Las Cruces, NM
3/3/14 - Taquerias Pedritos, Dallas, TX
3/4/14 - Vino's Pizza Pub & Brewery, Little Rock, AK
3/5/14 - The End, Nashville, TN
3/6/14 - Chapel Hill Underground, Chapel Hill, NC
3/7/14 - The Maywood, Raleigh, NC
3/8/14 - 529, Atlanta, GA
3/9/14 - Burro Bar, Jacksonville, FL
3/10/11 - Fubar, St Petersburg, FL


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