Marvel Comics' Best Rock and Roll Moments

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8. Ron Dante who sang as another comic book character with the Archies made his Marvel with The Webspinners in the 1972 rock musical LP Spider-man: From Beyond the Grave which mixed Spidey fighting the Green Gobln, Kingpin, and the Lizard with catchy bubble gum pop.

9. In spite of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" appearing at the end of the 2008 movie by the same name, the song has nothing to do with the comic book character. The same can not be said of his enemies in Paul Mcartney & The Wings 1975 song "Magneto and Titanium Man." The song also name checks Iron Man villain, the Crimson Dynamo, alas no mention of ol' Shellhead.

10. Though DC Comics can boast a character in Constantine based on a famous 1980s singer Sting, Marvel has Longshot, an obscure 1980s character whose super power was amazing luck. His look was based on an equally obscure musician. According to creator Art Adams, the X-man's haircut was inspired by British pop singer Limahl from the pop group Kajagoogoo, most famous for singing the theme song of The NeverEnding Story.

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