Marvel Comics' Best Rock and Roll Moments

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4. Before Scarlett Johansson played the part of the Black Widow, David Bowie's wife Angela Bowie licensed the rights for a TV show about the Russian superspy. Though nothing was ever filmed, Bowie went so far as to shoot a photo spread of her dressed up as the Black Widow with actor Ben Carruthers from The Dirty Dozen dressed as a kinky S&M version of Daredevil.

5. In 1980's Amazing Spider-man Annual #14, Spider-Man, as his secret identity Peter Parker, goes on a date at the legendary New York club CBGB's. Perhaps to return the favor, CBGB regulars the Ramones covered the theme song from the Spider-man cartoon.

6. Desperate to feed off the disco craze, Marvel tried to go multimedia with a new character called Disco Queen. Not only would Disco Queen appear in her own comic, Casablanca Records would produce an album with an artist in that persona, as well as film a movie. At one point, the character was to be based on Grace Jones, but when Bo Derek was interested in playng the part, the character became Caucasian and blonde. But then disco died and the character morphed into Dazzler, an occasional member of the X-men with the power to turn sound into light who fought evil while wearing roller skates.

7. In 1994, Marvel released an imprint called Marvel Music which had comic books featuring such legendary artists as Bob Marley, Alice Cooper, and the Rolling Stones as well as unlegendary musicians like Billy Ray Cyrus.

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