International Noise Conference 2014: Year of the Woman (PHOTOS)

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Alex Markow
Otto Von Schirach and company.

Mr. Feathers and Nayib Estefan joined Otto Von Schirach onstage alongside Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key for an irreverent set crashed by Broward's own Kenny Millions on sax. And the next night, Noise Nomads put us back in the creepiest womb, a place there's no point in leaving.

It was impossible to watch every person who bared their bodies, minds, and souls out there, so feel free to add the acts you best remember in the comments.

Obviously, this was all thanks to Rat Bastard who, with good taste, knowledge, and humor, has kept not only the noise scene alive and relevant but the entire Miami community pumping with life and sound. We all, whether locals or not, owe him all the drinks, hugs, and thanks he'll allow.

Alex Markow
Cheers to Rat!

Full disclosure: I also had a set on Tuesday night that was curated by Jeff Rollison, mastermind of Night of the Weirds (one of the best things to happen to life). Everyone was great -- I mean, it started with Dracula, an act that hasn't played in forever, and when they did, it was in cemeteries, and there was Ha Ha Help, whom I've always enjoyed. But mine was a full-on failure, anticlimactic, and, for a normal person, probably would have been a lowest point in life.

The Holy Terror's Rob Elba mercifully called it something like a train wreck, which was more than accurate. I don't remember a thing, except that the pedal I was going to use didn't work, and I stood there in a Snooki-type cotton-candy-colored wig, so many feathers on my ass, and a flute in hand. Luckily, I'd encouraged some in the crowd to heckle, so I got to give them the finger and yell something like: "Does anyone here play the flute? No, because the flute sucks." And then crawl off the stage saying "I'm done" ten times.

I know only because I saw video afterward and people told me. I guess I also stood there and yelled out names and "I can't do this." But I don't give a shit, because the second I got off the stage, the wonderful people at Churchill's and INC were supportive of my memorable fail. And so loving. And love is so much better to receive when you've failed at something than when you've succeeded. You know it's sincere. And at INC, you cannot truly lose or suck or be anything but whatever the fuck you are, and everyone will tell you "you were great" anyway. There's nothing more beautiful that that.

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