International Noise Conference 2014: Year of the Woman (PHOTOS)

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Alex Markow
Unicorn Hard-on

Rat Bastard, the noise overlord, took to the stage on Tuesday with Emile Blair Milgrim of the label Other Electricities and band Quarter Horses. Handing her usual drum duties over to Rat, she filled the room with screeching guitar sounds. LaFemme Natal, in from New York, swung a sheet of metal and chain at the audience and proceeded to create hypnotic soundscapes with them both.

There was Holly Hunt. With Beatriz Monteavaro on drums and Gavin Perry manning the pedals and guitar, nothing can fail. Bodies swayed, bewitched by their chemistry, while others bashed it out on the floor. Everyone was together in this, and all chanted for an encore -- not something you see often at INC. Immediately after, a girl with dyed blond hair and maybe two other young dudes slammed into everyone around them and threw tables on to the floor and at things, leaving behind some blood and tons of smiles.

Alex Markow
Holly Hunt as FU

Not to overlook the male element of the conference. Nicky Bowe, a fine human being known to many as the Irish bartender at Churchill's, smoked us out of the venue for the third year in a row with his motorcycle. This time, he kindly offered us SARS masks that in no way protected us from anything. He opened for Kenny Millions, who no one could watch just stand onstage with his arms in the air, because, well, it meant certain death. How is Kenny not dead?

Alex Markow

Nick Klein brought country and a long rope in a noose to create a throbbing noise set. Nick was in the zone. The intensity of it all drew people around him like mosquitoes to a juicy leg filled with sweet blood. He dug deep, writhing around, as if in a trance, asking crowd members to pull the noose around his neck. It was saturated with emotion but not chaotic, bringing some form to a festival that relishes in the random.

Alex Markow
Nick Klein

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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