International Noise Conference 2014: Year of the Woman (PHOTOS)

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Alex Markow

Saturday night, Reverend Mother Flash pissed into a cup, drank it, and spit it at the crowd amid the total sonic and physical chaos of Cock ESP's closing set at the 2014 International Noise Conference. A fan flew and firecrackers popped. It was the perfect ending to a full week of anything goes. Not long before, the New York City performer gave birth to a toy baby, stabbed it, and washed her nude body in blood in that same spot in front of a thinning but buzzing late-night crowd. With her majestic red getup and pointed crown, she epitomized the absurdity, the fantastic, the freedom, the emotion, the asshole spirit that INC brings each year to South Florida.

What once was a three-day fuck-fest at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti -- lots of smelly dudes in town sleeping on couches and in cars who cleverly and not so cleverly played with sound -- is now a five-day-long beautiful shit-show, complete with pre- and postparties. And this year, the longest yet, was dominated by an impressive array of female performers.

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In life, the "hottest chick" will draw the most attention, but at a noise show, the craziest, wildest, most ballsy (if you will) woman will always elicit the most adoration. Praise the loudest, most unruly lords for that. Back in like 2006, at No Fun Fest or Tonic in New York, a bunch of people sat around complaining that more "cute" girls were coming to shows to pick up guys. But if INC 2014 is any indication, "cute" don't matter. Fabulous and daring is winning. Though there were countless moving, shocking, and not-as-exciting-as-pee acts this year, the boldest females and Rat Bastard's brilliant curation made this one of the most unforgettable weeks in Churchillsian history.

Alex Markow

Two Miami duos, all four seasoned noisemakers, drew the crowd in and wrapped them with sound. Sharlyn Evertsz and Teresa Liberatore as Hellmouth turned nobs to the delight of everyone, wearing matching red dresses. Later, Max Kane slammed the drums as Autumn Casey worked the guitar in glittering sequined luchador-like masks as Bag Hag. Both pairs demonstrated what Miami has to offer as far as the range of style and performance that is being crafted here. All four women performed more than once this week in different configurations.

Alex Markow
Bag Hag

Yohimbe turned that shit out when, while wearing only a green and white tie-dyed T and lacy black thong, the female half of this duo screamed the shit out of the room and then showed us her (literally) fucking skills on the concrete floor. Unicorn Hard-on remains a yearly favorite, and she didn't disappoint with noise that insists you dance. Irene Moon's set, with a horn on her nose, will continue to give us all nightmares for years to come. Our therapists thank you.

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Churchill's Pub

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