Dirtyphonics' Charly Says Steve Aoki Is a "Down-to-Earth" Dude

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As exciting as electronic music can be, it can also get repetitive as shit.

However, Dirtyphonics, the bass-heavy, Dim Mak-signed trio from Paris, embraces the unpredictable side of the genre. And it was pretty apparent when we interviewed crew member Charly that he and his mates are not about it for the kind of drug-frenzied, glittery mega-spectacles. They're not trend surfing. They're definitely committed for the long haul.

Only Pitchin and Charly are currently on a DJ set tour. On March 1, they'll be hitting up Club Cinema in Pompano Beach. We spoke with Charly about joining forces with Dim Mak, what it was like meeting Steve Aoki, the difference between French and U.S. raves, and how they're really doing without Thomas.

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New Times: Can you tell me a bit about your history with Dim Mak?
Charly: It's awesome. We started working with them for two years. We feel like we found the right match. As an artist, you want them to respect you from the get-go. They respect us and push us and stand behind what we do. We have a strong relationship with Steve [Aoki]. We can't complain. We are writing our next EP to release with them. We get to the office and say, "Hey." It's not like we're like, "Hey, we're the artist and you're the label." No, we have a relationship.

What was your first meeting with Steve Aoki like?
Well, he's one of the biggest guys in the industry, but is a down to earth dude and loves what he does. It's awesome to see someone that big who still has two feet firmly on the ground. He still keeps his kid spirit by getting excited about everything. It's easy for us to collaborate. He was in punk bands when he was younger, we were in metal bands. He can relate to our love of music. It's about the energy. It's rare to see someone that big handle everything in the industry. With the schedule he has, that's really fucking crazy -- I think he plays like 300 shows a year -- and he will still answer my texts within minutes, no matter where he is in the world. He is nonstop.

Can you describe your last Dim Mak release?
It was a remix of "Transcend." We were at Tomorrowworld in September and they said they were putting out a track and wanted us to remix it. We didn't even listen to the music, but were so comfortable we said, "Yes." We play it at every show and people go crazy. The kids love it. You do what you love and say, "Hey, let me see what others say," and you play onstage. If people love it, it's the best feeling in the world.

What are you working on now?
Our new EP for Dim Mak. It's been a crazy year for us because we released an EP and did lots of remixes for artists like Linkin Park, Kaskade, Borgore. We wanted the new EP to happen naturally. We write a bunch of stuff and have it come together naturally. It will happen in 2014, for sure. Music quality comes first.

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