Churchill's Pub Owner Dave Daniels Accepts Offer to Sell

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Daniels is supposed to help them at the outset of the transition, but afterward, it's out of his hands. Thankfully, he says, "I'm going to suggest that they do the Noise Conference next year." If the deal goes through, it would be in May, which is sort of unfortunate, because, he's had the bar set up for the World Cup for the past six months. But nowadays, he laments, you can watch everything from home. Some things that drew people to Churchill's in the past have ceased to be an attraction today, while other things, like live music and community, remain the bar's central appeal.

When asked if they would shut down for a period to make repairs, he says he doesn't think it'd be a good idea and is hopeful they'd shut down only certain sections for repairs. Because if you close, he thinks you lose momentum (Daniels emphasized that they did pass their 40-year inspection). He seems to really hope a new owner maintains the Churchill's spirit. "They're putting the time in and getting ideas," he notes. "I'm encouraged that they're going about things the right way."

He's already started planning a few farewell shows. "We have been confirming dates. There's quite a few people who want to play dates for my last hurrah and whatever. We have some big shows and special things." So, we'll keep you informed on all of that.

"There are a few things that I was going to do to make things better; some I'm going to still do," he says. "I want to set the place up to succeed rather than to fail. I'm not one of those conceited people who thinks, 'Oh, it can't manage without me.' I think it can do better without me. You know, somebody halfway bright will see what works, carry on with those things, and then do other things on top of that."

What's Daniels going to do post-Churchill's? He's going to maintain a home in Miami, would like to spend about four or five months in the U.K., and do some traveling. He also wants to write a historic novel set in a place like his hometown at the beginning of the 1800s, a time of horses and carriages, before railways. Perhaps this was inspired by his first jazz club, which was located in a coaching inn. He's got characters ready and everything. "Other than writing a jazz column in the newspaper, I haven't been much of a writer. It's just something I wanted to do."

About the sale, he says, "It feels right." And though many of us will mourn the closing of our second home, if Churchill's changes hands, at least Daniels -- a man who's kindly provided us with the wildest hangout and music venue possible -- will be set for life.

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The place is safe and always has been. It is a future goldmine for any investor because the neighborhood will only get better. Remember Biscayne Blvd 15 years ago or South Beach in 1978?

Eric Seidmon
Eric Seidmon

Yea, I wasn't exactly confident my car would still be there when I gave some kid $5 to let me park in front of his dad's front entrance to his place right around the back of the Pub, telling me he would watch it for me...

Doel Silva
Doel Silva

it was a true honor , HONOR to play there twice.....the CBGB's of the South....

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