Cat Power Culture Room Show Canceled

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Camille Garmendia

Over here at New Times, we never miss a Cat Power show. Whether she's "on" or "off," you better believe we're there with bells on, singing into our fists. 'Cause not only is Chan Marshall a total goddess on the mic but she's a local gal.

Even though we spoke with her just last week while she was in New Zealand, turns out only minutes after purchasing a ticket to her show at Culture Room, we got notice it wasn't gonna happen!

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We just learned that your upcoming event has been canceled:

Cat Power
Culture Room
Wednesday, February 12th at 8PM

We're sorry that your event has been canceled. For your convenience, we've automatically refunded your order, including fees (except UPS and InStore Pick Up, if applicable), which will appear on your credit card within 7 - 10 business days.

WTF? Sadness reigns.

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love cat power.

i blame new times mundane interview with Chan for her cancellation..

Thanks a lot New Times :()

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