Ten Wildest Spring Break Bars in Fort Lauderdale

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Alex Markow

4. Capones
Walking into this bar is like walking onto the cast of Jersey Shore. And you know what that means? Loud and wild times. Though you're likely to lose your voice from shouting all night and the people who frequent this place aren't exactly mom-approved, the atmosphere is always energetic, and the drink specials are too good to pass up. Check it out on Fridays for three-for-one drinks. And by 2 a.m., you'll be shaking your ass with abandon or making out in a dark corner with someone whose name you don't quite remember.

Alex Markow

5. Vibe Las Olas
This fun lounge is for the spring breaker who loves to dance all night to great music. With no set dance floor, Vibe offers its patrons the opportunity to jam out all over the club to an eclectic mix of sounds. This is the perfect spot for those of you looking to get down with locals in a dark club where talking isn't a thing. And on special nights, you can enjoy live musical performances, celebrity guest appearances, themes, and many other events tailored to the clubgoer looking for a new experience.

Alex Markow

6. Blue Martini
Blue Martini is sort of like a restaurant inside of a bar inside of a dance club inside of a singles mixer.

It's a place that doesn't really fit into one single category. A true enigma, and yet always recommended for spring breakers. Why? For one, the martinis are delicious. Two, the live music is always by artists who are unique and actually talented. And three, you're guaranteed to leave with someone by the end of the night.

The atmosphere allows for actual conversation with people who are a tad classier than your typical spikey-haired douchebags who wear sunglasses to bars.

Alex Markow

7. Briny Irish Club
This is a local favorite. Sure, the place always smells like a dirty armpit and the floor is usually sticky for no apparent reason, but people still flock here on the weekends like they're giving away free beer. Not only are the drinks on the cheaper side, they play all the songs you like to sing along with, and the bartenders are always friendly.

On the "wild" scale, it's not exactly a strip club or Las Vegas, but when you cram a bunch of horny strangers into a bar the size of a small one-bedroom apartment, one-night stands are inevitable. This place is a must-see if you're an out-of-towner looking for a sexy local to brush up against.

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how do you not have off the hookah on there

Joseph Panzarella
Joseph Panzarella

Pretty much all the places you go on a normal weekend for locals


8 of the 10 lick balls and American Social is a closet.

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