Top Ten LGBT Punk Rock Bands

9. Wayne County and the Electric Chairs - "Fuck Off"
One of the pioneers of the early NYC punk scene, Jayne County blazed trails through the likes of Andy Warhol and his Factory, Patti Smith, and David Bowie. Rock's first transsexual singer, fame and fortune has evaded County but her influence can't be denied.

10. The Diesel Queens - "Man/Boy Love"
Onetime darlings of the Maximum Rocknroll pages, San Jose's Diesel Queens certainly brought the ugly and brash to queer punk. Burly, sour, maybe not even too clean, the Diesel Queens enjoyed a short run through the excesses of the 1990s. Widely considered extremely offensive for their stage antics, their sole LP Hooked on Moronics is an album that I miss dearly, as it was "borrowed" many, many years ago.

I couldn't help myself. I owe it to my gay friends who routinely put up with my punk rock racket. Enjoy!

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cool list. It's nice to see Martin of Limp Wrist mentioned. Another one  I might have mentioned would be the Screamers. 

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