Top Ten LGBT Punk Rock Bands

6. Hüsker Dü - "Don't Wanna Know if You're Lonely"
What has always baffled me about Hüsker Dü is how the one guy who fit all the aesthetic requirements (handlebar mustache, check! short shorts, check!) was not the gay one in the trio. Regardless, it is a well-known fact that Greg Norton's cohorts Bob Mould and Grant Hart penned some of the best songs anyone could ever put in a mixtape for an ex of any gender.

7. Tribe 8 - "Lezbophobia"
San Francisco's Tribe 8 are widely acknowledged as the first ladies of Queercore. Taking their nomenclature from the outmoded term "tribadism," they cut a swath through punkdom from 1991 through 2005. Singer and founder Lynn Breedlove has gone on to explore the worlds of cinematography, writing, and philanthropy with a queer eye firmly on the prize.

8. God is My Copilot - "Queer Disco Anthem"
NYC's God is My Copilot is another long-running outfit that has never shied from its strong Queercore roots and with an often tongue-in-cheek delivery. We can't think of a better platform than the song above. Helmed by Sharon Topper and Craig Flanigin, they've released close to 30 platters in twenty-two years of existence.

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cool list. It's nice to see Martin of Limp Wrist mentioned. Another one  I might have mentioned would be the Screamers. 

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