Top Ten LGBT Punk Rock Bands

3. Limp Wrist - "I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love Boys Hardcore"
Singer Martin Sorrondeguy might be better-known for his brutal Chicago hardcore outfit, Los Crudos. A tough band for tough times, Los Crudos were an AK-47 of repressed Latino concerns in the U.S. When that band disbanded, Sorrondeguy went on to form the queercore outfit Limp Wrist. An extension of Los Crudos' sound, the only difference here is the gay and oftentimes hilarious lyrical work.

4. Pansy Division - "Homo Christmas"
Just past the Yuletide is this long-running queer powerhouse, Pansy Division with "Homo Christmas." A joyful sentiment from the guys behind clever albums like Touch My Joe Camel and For Those About to Suck Cock. Always funny and upbeat, we hope you shared this one with the family during Christmas Day breakfast.

5. MDC - "Dead Cops/America's So Straight"
MDC, however you know their initials to mean, have always been a controversial and outspoken force in hardcore punk. Dave Dictor would go on to another platform in the '90s penning provocative columns for Maximum Rocknroll. While not a gay band and Dictor usually abstruse in reply, MDC was a well-known leader in decrying homophobia at large and within the punk rock scene. The Bad Brains incident, anyone?

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cool list. It's nice to see Martin of Limp Wrist mentioned. Another one  I might have mentioned would be the Screamers. 

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