Ten Ways You Know You're Too Old for This Club

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8. "It's late."
Well, it's not early. And the club isn't going to be bumping at 7 p.m., ever.

9. You know the owner, from high school.
And you dated his friend(s). You also know you're too aged for the club when all the promoters in the room are over the 35 and know your name. First and last.

Just because.

10. People are wearing the same styles you wore when you first hit the club.
If you're wearing Ann Taylor and the girl next to you is sporting the same cutoffs you snipped when you were 17, it's time for bed.

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April M Polston
April M Polston

Ain't nobody too old for anything. Its all in your mindset. Live and love the present. All things can be wonderful with the right perspective. Get some.

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

We are not old. .its just your music sucks..now pull up you pants

smdrpepper topcommenter

Nice to know agism is alive and well. 

Alex Castro
Alex Castro

Pretty much pertains to 98% of the people you see on Las Olas...

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