Ten Ways You Know You're Too Old for This Club

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6. "There's nowhere to sit."
You and your old friend look around for a place to pop a squat, cringing from the volume. "Why don't they have anywhere to sit? Why can't we find a place to talk in here?" You whine loudly, but no one can hear, because they're busy busting out a twerk and licking up on each other.

7. The other females in the bathroom are talking about their college classes and you're worried about waking up late for work.
If this is the case, you're already a few drinks in. So you broke the seal before you realized that you're ancient and shouldn't be there. At this point, accept your late fate, bum a cigarette and do a line with your new college-aged pals. There's no such thing as old till the next morning.

You totally saw this in the theater.

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April M Polston
April M Polston

Ain't nobody too old for anything. Its all in your mindset. Live and love the present. All things can be wonderful with the right perspective. Get some.

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

We are not old. .its just your music sucks..now pull up you pants

smdrpepper topcommenter

Nice to know agism is alive and well. 

Alex Castro
Alex Castro

Pretty much pertains to 98% of the people you see on Las Olas...

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