Ten TV Show Characters Who Were Obviously Stoners

Categories: The Pot

4. Alf on Alf
How do you think Gordon from the planet Melmac landed on Earth in the first place? He was high off that intergalactic weed and was in no hurry to leave our planet with its many varieties of cats and strains of marijuana.

3. Rose on The Golden Girls
There's a reason Rose moved down to Miami in the 1980s with the rest of The Golden Girls, she heard there was some good bud down here. You don't get to be as flighty as this character was just by being from St. Olaf, MN (a region which grew a killer crop of Northern Lights).

2. Kramer on Seinfeld
What do you thing inspired all of Jerry's neighbor's whacked out ideas? We never saw what Kramer was doing in his apartment with Neuman. He'd only leave to satisfy his munchies in Jerry's apartment or at the diner.

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