Ten TV Show Characters Who Were Obviously Stoners

Categories: The Pot

8. Columbo on Columbo
The disheveled detective's mind is cluttered with so many spectacular thoughts like how "Dark Side of the Moon" is better than "Wish You Were Here" that he forgets what to ask his suspect until he's about to leave and then he spouts out his catchphrase, "One more thing," and then nails them in a lie. Then he goes downstairs to smoke some celebratory doobie.

7. Cookie Monster on Sesame Street
Mmm cookies! Me just take giant hit from Grover gravity bong. Me want cookies!

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6. Edith Bunker on All In The Family
You think you could stay married to a loud-mouthed bigot without having a good buzz on? It wasn't hard for this housewife to find her supply, she'd clean up Meathead's room and take a share of his stash.

5. The Monkees on The Monkees
The four members of this fictional band were meant to be a take-off of the Beatles. Of course, when the show aired in 1966, the Beatles were already in their stoner phase having released the classic Revolver album. Once the Monkees starred in a feature film titled Head you could see how weed and psychedelics were a massive part of their lifestyle.

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