Ten TV Show Characters Who Were Obviously Stoners

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It still blows my mind when I hear the word "shit" on basic cable. It wasn't that long ago that the television censors were Puritanical. There was no cursing, no nudity (partial or otherwise), and there was no recreational drug use. If marijuana ever showed up, it was in an extra special episode that warned of the dangers of the devil's weed and ended with a public service announcement from Nancy Reagan or Kirk Cameron about how you should just say no.

But the inhabitants in many show's writer rooms had other thoughts on the subject. Under wisp in smoked out rooms, subversive writers created characters who were potheads that we never actually saw partaking in said substance. Here are the ten most obvious stoners in television history who never smoked pot on camera.

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10. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show
You'd think a man raising five kids would have the patience to be as chill and silly as Dr. Huxtable without a little self-medication? He had his office in his home where, when he wasn't seeing patients, he could take a toke and find some inspiration on what dance routine he would choreograph for his family this week.

9. Bo and Luke Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard
Boss Hogg wasn't chasing after the Duke cousins for the hell of it. Their Uncle Jesse promised the government they would stop transporting moonshine, but he didn't say nothing about weed. There's a reason these boys were always smiling. One of their customers was probably Rosco.

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