Ten Best Seinfeld Musical Moments

Categories: A Gay Ol' Time

6. Hot and Heavy
Elaine's dating a young, sponge-worthy jazz musician John. Jerry tells the guy's friend that she described their relationship as "hot and heavy." He writes a song by that title.

7. "Hello"
The episode where Jerry choses to continue to say "hello" in a dorky voice over continuing to date a lady who objects to it. But first, he contemplates the situation, weighing the two against each other to the sounds of Lionel Richie on a boardwalk.

8. Rochelle, Rochelle
This episode, which features Bette Midler, is important at this particular moment in time for two reasons. First, it was a take on the Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding fiasco which took place twenty years ago yesterday (you're old). Secondly, last month, artist Jayshells plastered Rochelle, Rochelle posters all over the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Now listen to the Divine Miss M belt one out.

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