Ten Best Seinfeld Musical Moments

Categories: The Gays

3. "Witchy Woman"
This is one of the few Seinfeld episodes that focuses on one song in particular. Elaine is dating a dude whose "song" is the Eagles "Desperado." When it plays, he zones out and even hushes her. In a desperate(o) attempt to find a song they can share, Elaine choses another Eagles classic, "Witchy Woman."

4. Special Kramer Serenade
Possibly the funniest drug-related Seinfeld scene -- second only to Elaine yelling "Stella" at Jerry's parents. Kramer is mistaken for an "Able Mentally Challenged Adult" person. The special guest at the AMCA benefit, he may appear less challenged having overcome the effects of novocaine. But his drooling, drooping face is again ensured at the angry hands of the notorious Jimmy. Mel Tormé then sings "When You're Smiling" to a grinning Kramer. Never not funny.

5. Elaine Dancing
Elaine's dancing is a timeless and cherished character flaw that is impossible not to enjoy or do yourself at a boring party.

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