Skum, the Band "No One Really Heard," Reunites for Documentary

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With all the cameos in the movie Skum also seemed to have attracted a lot of celebrities.
Hart Bauer: We're like the classic children's story The Emperor Has No Clothes. Here's a band everyone was talking about, but no one really heard. It was all visual, they got an article in the paper and then the cops come and bust the show down and people think it's the best thing they've ever seen. No one's talking about the music, they talk about the event.

The cool thing to do when you came to Miami was go see this band Skum. When we'd play outside Miami, rock guys would come out to see our shows. Alice Cooper had heard of us. He swears he went to our shows, but I think I would remember that. He didn't see us, but he thinks he'd seen us. Bruce Hornsby is from Williamsburg, and he came to two shows. He liked it. He said, "I don't know what you guys are doing, I know it's something artistic, and I'm not getting it, but I dig it." We don't have a velvet rope that separates the "celebrity" world from the "real" world. I think celebrities saw a freedom that there was not a pretension that we were greater than the people we played for and found a peace in it.

John Eaton: At the time, the cool thing was to do what's not cool and that was go see a Skum show pretty much. Over the years we built up a lot of friends. At the show Friday night we even have Martika, who did the song "Toy Soldier," do a song with us and Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot is going to sit in on drums for a couple songs with us. Back in the day they were fans and they still are.

What else can we expect with Friday night's show?
Hart Bauer: There's one particular song we're doing that will be the final piece of the film. Any fans that are there will be in the movie. If it goes great, then great. If it goes bad, then that's how it is going to end.

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