Celebrity New Year's Resolutions 2014

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Reese Witherspoon: Don't use "celeb card" to get out of trouble
The whole "do you know who I am" thing gets old super fast. Be like us normal people and own up.

Rihanna: Filter your Instagram
We are referring to keeping the TMI pics off Instagram, not the actual filters it features.

Jennifer Lawrence - Don't change. Ever.
You're awesome in our book, J-Law, and everyone loves ya! Maybe wear a shorter dress to the Oscars. But that's it.

Justin Bieber: Grow up
Spitting on people is seriously not acceptable anywhere. And how the hell do you lose a monkey? Maybe now that J Biebs is retired, these preteen shenanigans have come to an end.

Chris Brown: Manage anger better
This will improve your rep and life immeasurably. Yoga and meditation are truly helpful in this area.

Adam Levine: Stay shirtless

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