Music South Florida Can Look Forward to In 2014

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March 15
Paul Simon and Sting at BB&T Center

I suppose Art Garfunkel was busy. Rhymin' Simon and Gordon Sumner come to South Florida on the Ides of March for a classic rock orgy. We know Sting can hit the high notes, so maybe he'll put on a blonde afro and harmonize with Paul Simon on the "Sounds of Silence."

March 24
"Lost" Johnny Cash album Out Among the Stars released

Back in the early '80s the man in black was actually out of style. So much so that he recorded 12 songs that were never released, and when Columbia Records dropped him, they somehow got lost. There were since found, and Johnny Cash fans can rejoice in hearing something new.

March 28
The Avett Brothers at Sunset Cove Amphitheatre

While much of the country still couldn't dream of enjoying a concert outdoors, lucky us, even in March we can enjoy the North Carolina siblings serenading their unique brand of indie folk under the stars.

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smdrpepper topcommenter

MOOV Fest is going on today down in Bayfront Park.  One stage has bands such as the Wailers, the other is all electronic music. 

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