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Sayre Berman
Stay tantric, Sting.

With the holidays over, a lot of people fall into a deep funk thinking there's nothing on the horizon. Not so. Our music calendar is brimming with excitement as we enter the middle section of our fair decade. So keep your chin up as we enter 2014 for the following sonic adventures awaiting South Florida's ears.

All release dates are subject to change and sincere apologies to the readers of last year's list for Dr. Dre's new album never arriving.

January 2
Jay Z at BB&T Center

2014 does not require patience. Two days into the New Year, and we're already provided with Jay Z. Yes, the man born as Shawn Carter performed at Sun Life Stadium just last summer. But now there's no Justin Timberlake to slow him down on his Magna Carter World Tour (although Timberlake will also be performing at the same venue March 4).

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January 9
Les Claypool's Duo de Twang at Revolution Live

Primus front man goes hillbilly on us. In an interview with the New Times Les Claypool said audiences at his Duo de Twang concert should expect "two guys hanging around a campfire cracking jokes and bullshitting. It's more of a hang than a show." Fans will also get a sense of what to expect of their debut album Four Foot Shack due out February 4.

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MOOV Fest is going on today down in Bayfront Park.  One stage has bands such as the Wailers, the other is all electronic music. 

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