Molly Ringwald Suggests Pairing "a Bordeaux" with Her Jazz; Performs in Boca This Week

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The name "Molly Ringwald" instantly evokes a collage of images. Pink prom dress. Sitting on a table eating cake with a cute boy. Putting lipstick on with the power of boobs. But a lot of time has passed between Molly's days in the John Hughes '80s acting circle known as the Brat Pack, and the career she has led since has been one filled with variety. She's an author twice over, a TV star, a theater baby, Reddit hero, and now, an accomplished a Jazz singer. Her debut album entitled "Except... Sometimes" takes its cue from the Great American Songbook. She chose nine songs from there, and one track that she hopes will bridge the gap between her past and her present.

New Times: I'm a redditor, and you recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything, an interview style forum where users of Reddit can ask the person hosting a question, and the host gets to respond to the questions they choose). Your AMA was so successful, that I feel you have re-grabbed the attention of my generation.

Molly Ringwald: That's great! What generation are you? How old are you?

I'm 29. We were only kids when Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club came out. So while I would say most of us have seen those films, we sort of missed the magic of the era that produced them. But when I read your AMA I just kept thinking how cool and down to earth you were.

So my first question is, do you really drink the blood of Kristen Stewart?


Just kidding. Speaking of my generation, Jazz really isn't at the forefront of it. What Jazz album would you recommend to get people interested in Jazz?

Mine! (laughs). You know, Jazz wasn't really at the forefront of my generation either. My father is a Jazz musician, so I grew up with it, singing in his band. But during my teen years, the years when you care what people think about you, I sort of kept it secret. Then at a certain point I thought, "This is ridiculous, this is a part of who I am." My dad is more traditional in the music he likes, such as Louie Armstrong. I tend to go more modern. For someone that doesn't know Jazz that well, I think a good introduction would be Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" maybe.

One of my favorite AMA questions you got was when the user Neuralism asked for book recommendations that would pair nicely with your own books. You not only answered him, but you also suggested what wine to drink while reading. What wine would you pair with your album?

Hmm, a lot of people say my voice is very relaxing and rich, with a bass quality to it. I think it would pair nicely with a Bordeaux.

After hearing your album, I completely agree with that. I feel like your voice is almost weightless. It conjures such strong emotions while being so relaxing at the same time.

Thank you! It's great for children, because I sing to mine before they go to sleep. But I have to be careful when I do shows that I don't have too many ballads because I can literally see people getting a little too relaxed during my shows.

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A Bordeaux, but which one? When you think Molly was married with a French man who was born in Bordeaux, the wedding itself happening few kilometers from the Bordeaux wine region, and all she manages to say is "a Bordeaux !" There is a lot of different appelations in Bordeaux and they do not taste the same at all... Come on, Molly, have you forgotten everything or do you just pretend?

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