Jay Z's Magna Carter Tour in South Florida: "I'm Gonna Overdeliver Tonight!"

Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out County Grind's full 28-photo slideshow from Jay Z at BB&T Center.

Jay Z's Magna Carter World Tour
BB&T Center, Sunrise, Florida
Thursday, January 2, 2014

Better Than: Another night of solo ass-shaking to The Hits Collection.

"Broward County! West Palm Beach County! Dade County!

"I fuck with y'all so much," Jay Z told the 20,000-strong crowd at last night's South Florida stop of his Magna Carter World Tour, "I'm gonna overdeliver tonight!"

And he did two full hours, 20 songs, and a five-track encore while dropping a few motivational minispeeches.

He even brought out the big homie, Rick Ross, to let SoFla know that beyond any shadow of a doubt, "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt."

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Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out County Grind's full 28-photo slideshow from Jay Z at BB&T Center.

Now, the Jiggaman might've slightly overpromised when he said "overdeliver," because he followed the exact same script as every other night of the Magna Carter trek so far.

But it was still, as he might say, a motherfuckin' legendary show. The pacing was steady, though not slapdash. The art direction was flawless. His flow was impeccable.

And that's because Jay Z is a legend.

Photo by Sayre Berman

It's been almost 20 years since his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. And he's still running the rap game. That kind of longevity is impressive.

Undoubtedly, Jay Z is one of the only true shotcallers left from hip-hop's mid- to late-'90s gangsta heyday. Because Biggie and 'Pac are dead. And the rest have mostly fallen off. (Except maybe Dr. Dre and Snoop, who respectively match his money-making acumen and knack for tapping into the current cultural moment. Then yes, we've got Sean "Puffy Daddy" Combs.)

But there are also drawbacks to being a rap superstar (and off the streets) for nearly a quarter of a century.

Photo by Sayre Berman

During the early part of his career, from '96 through the 2000s, Jay expertly and innovatively mined gangsta narratives and that era's whole from-the-corner-to-the-corner-office story arc, and he tied it all back into his own self-chronicled crack-dealing days in Brooklyn's Marcy Houses projects.

But then in late 2003, the rapper decided to retire. And he probably retired because he realized that it was no longer honest to keep documenting a life that he'd left about ten years earlier. So he became CEO of Def Jam. It was what they call an identity crisis.

And last night (even though he unretired and returned to rap almost a decade ago), it still seemed like the Jiggaman is trying to sort that shit out.

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