Justin Bieber: Five Possible Replacements

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4. Elyar Fox
Like Chance, Elyar Fox is another Ryan Seacrest-created internet sensation. And for covering "Boyfriend." This one's British, so he's got an electronic-pop thing going on in his newest pop song, "Do It All Over Again." We have a feeling Avicii's already got plans for this guy. We hear his creepy, Swedish paws rubbing together right now in anticipation.

5. An Horse's Kate Cooper
OK, so this music is infinitely more listenable than much of the pop crap around. But isn't Kate Cooper like a cute, Aussie blond Bieber? We thinks yes.

Bieber may look like a lesbian, but he ain't. And that's no fun. Let's take it all the way home, world. It's a '90s kinda world, and boy pop stars are just so '70s.

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Dino MacabreEnt
Dino MacabreEnt

Jackass Justin IS NOT A FN MUSICIAN, GET IT! Never has been never will be.

Liz Tracy
Liz Tracy

An Horse Greyson Chance Elyar Fox Tegan and Sara Austin Mahone

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