The 2014 Grammys Were Actually Good

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Guaranteed, there's a Grammy-hater contingent out there picking their tight asses and snorting away about how lame the award show was last night. But we watched, and the 2014 Grammys were actually freaking good. And dude, would we lie about how entertaining something is? No way. We're usually snorting away with the best of them.

What follows are a ton of great (thank you very much) reasons why the show was actually well thought-out and finely executed.

"One" by Metallica
Are you fucking kidding?! This song haunted and ruled my childhood. I even read Johnny Got His Gun because of this totally hypnotic and meandering tune. (If you haven't read the book, you should be downloading or buying it now -- preferably from your local independent bookseller. My brother calls it the best anti-war book ever, and he ain't wrong.)

"One" is an incredibly dark and weird song, and to watch it performed -- even with Lang Lang wylin' out on the piano -- in front of a pop crowd is a fantastic thing. I want everyone to feel what I do when hearing it.

Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk
My mom called me once last night about Macklemore and how emo she was about the folks getting married (keep reading) and again because she was like: "Who are these men in helmets winning everything?"

Though I didn't get to explain the wonderment of "One" to them, I did get to tell my elders about Discovery, an album that came out when I was in college and which is still one of the best of all time. Teaching the older generation about really good music? That alone made the Grammys special this year.

Also, Stevie Wonder was the best artist they could have collaborated with on this song. No one compares to Stevie though. Period. So anyone collaborating with Stevie wins out.

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