Ten Signs Your Date Loves Drugs

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9. Always wiping crusty-ass mouth.
Your date has cottonmouth. This could be from nerves. Who knows? They might just think you're really hot and wanna do that thang with ya. But if they're constantly, constantly wiping the corners of their maw? They love drugs. And they're on them.

10. Doesn't remember your name or anything about you the next time you talk.
So, this is one of those ones where like you find out later that the person blows (blows? Get it?). But the message is clear. You are not as interesting or memorable as the illicit substances your date so admires ingesting.

Good luck next time.

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Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

I can never remember my dates name even without drugs and who doesnt take their keys with them everywhere even the bathroom


Dub and dubstep are entirely different things. 

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