Ten Signs Your Date Loves Drugs

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4. Lots of bathroom trips.
If your jittery-ass date needs to go to the bathroom a billion times throughout the night, they they are likely doing the drugs in the john. It could also be diabetes, so make sure to weasel insulin into the convo before making a judgment call.

5. Takes keys to the bathroom.
The car is in the parking lot.

6. Every conversation revolves around a party.
A straight lover of the nightlife is fine, but if you then pair every party tale with being able to quote all the lines in Friday? They love drugs.

7. Constantly rubbing themselves.
So glad your date's on a sweet roll. Maybe you can use this to get a free massage.

8. Is genuinely enjoying dubstep.
No one really likes dubstep without drugs.

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Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

I can never remember my dates name even without drugs and who doesnt take their keys with them everywhere even the bathroom


Dub and dubstep are entirely different things. 

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