Five Ways to Spend New Year's Broke

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2. Why not Karaoke your way into the New Year?
When was the last time you did Karaoke? Don't laugh, it can be a blast if you've got the right crowd. Just gather a group of your favorite equally broke friends and find a local karaoke bar with no cover.

Belt out show tunes or Billy Idol songs all night. Tongue-in-cheek it this year, man. It's not the worst way to ring in the New Year. Look we did some leg work for you and found a free New Year's Eve karaoke event too at Boynton Beach's Greek Bistro. "Karaoke with Jammin Jimmy," even features a belly dancer.

1. Find a drunken couple leaving a hot club early and ask them for their wristbands.
This one requires a bit of reconnaissance work and having no shame helps too. Go to the trendy strip with at least four or five clubs or bars within a one-square-mile radius. Your target would be the midsize venues that are still hopping.

Don't get carried away and try to get into that extravagant Ibiza-style nightclub with Tiesto spinning with the $150 cover. It's not going to happen there. Security's too tight. You want something that's manageable. Find your target, wait outside for that right couple. You know the affable love birds, where one of them just had too much to drink. It's too bad they couldn't wait it out till midnight. Their loss is your gain though. Be nice. Smile and steady your approach. Hey, their night is done right. But yours, yours is, to quote the Beastie Boys, "ready to begin."

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