Five Ways to Spend New Year's Broke

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Anthony Verrilli

It's New Year's Eve, and you're in the mood to get down and boogie-woogie. Problem is, well, your bank account is tapped out until next payday. And then rent is due on Tuesday, so you're in a bit of a hole. A limousine, with Cristal in hand, dropping $500 for a table type of NYE isn't in the cards for you. No problem. You know County Grind has your back. We've culled a list of the top five ways to have a blast this January 31, without having to spend any of your nonexistent loot.

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1. Attend your city's local fireworks extravaganza with a hidden fifth of your favorite sin juice in your back pocket and a pair of 3D glasses.
We use the term "extravaganza," loosely here because it all depends on where you call home. And the fifth of booze is crucial.

Take a few pulls, plop on those glasses leftover from Thor 3D before the fireworks start shooting off, and have yourself a grand old time. The 3D glasses will add another dimension to your New Year's Eve revelries. It'll be like you're tripping at MOMA, or a laser light show or something. Trust us on this.

Fort Lauderdale is having a top notch gratis New Year's Eve bash this year. It's the inaugural "Fort Lauderdale Orange Bowl Downtown Countdown." According to the website, it's touted as one of the largest New Year's Eve celebrations in Florida. There will be a free street festival with live music and a lighted ball dropping at midnight. The party is taking place between S.W. 2 St., S.W. 2 Ave. and S.W. 5 Ave.

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