Three Women Artists to Catch This Weekend in Fort Lauderdale

Courtesy of Tobi Salver via facebook
A born-and-bred Florida gal, the beach blond Tobi Salver launched her clothing brand, Fox House, online in 2011. Now, she's got an extended pop-up shop in Wynwood and thousands of followers on Instagram who swoon daily over her merchandise. Turns out, fashion is in her blood. Her grandmother Joanne Alterman was a successful designer who made skirts from Seminole design fabrics and sold her line at Henri Bendel locations in New York. Her store incorporates a mix of new and vintage finds.

New Times: How did you get into fashion?
Tobi Salver: Fashion has always been a part of my life. Aside from my grandmother, I have pictures from when I was 3-years-old, with my hair done, nails done, make up, and dressed in my mom's clothes. I would do it all by myself or with my best friend Kari, who went on to open her own cosmetics label. The both of us were always into fashion/beautifying, and I have taken that passion and tried to turn it into a career.

Do you take a lot of inspiration from South Florida?
Always. It's easy to get inspired here. It's its own American paradise as well as a melting pot of so many other cultures. It really gives a uniqueness to our area. I love Florida!

What's the story behind Fox House? How did it start, how did you think of the name?
It started out of my apartment in Midtown Miami about four years ago. I wanted to open a shop, but had no funding, so I decided to break out first on the interwebs. E-commerce is tough, but there is so much potential in it. As for the name, I jotted down dozens of words that inspired me, and then kind of paired a few, and ended up with Fox House. Also, a "fox" is a sexy woman, so that worked well because of our vintage aesthetic.

What kind of woman would Fox House appeal to? What's the "look"?
Fox House has something for everyone. From 16 to 46, the majority of women can find something. But I would say we cater to the bohemian beach-bum by day, and rock-and-roll punk chick by night.

What are some unique buys you'll have available at Friday's show?
I'll have some great kimonos! I'll also be displaying our newest line Good hYOUman, which was founded by a fellow South Floridian. The brand includes unisex tanks and shirts with awesome and inspiring sayings. In addition, I'll have some glitzy holiday looks, fun prints, cool fabrics, and fancy textures for everyone.

Holidaze, presented by Pyramid Collective and Intuit Media Group, opens Friday at 7 p.m. The space is located at 1239 N.E. 8 Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $10.

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