The Six Worst Drug-Seekers You'll Meet at a Concert

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Nate "Igor" Smith

The Kim Kardashian
She doesn't contribute anything, but somehow you'll find her in every weed circle at the concert. You can spot her on the outskirts, pushing out her chest like an aggressive gorilla, using her nipples like crowbars to try and pry her way closer to free drugs.

She's a humdrum taker, but her presence will be tolerated -- even encouraged -- because her shorts are exposing the bottom third of a very fleshy and glittery butt.

The Navy Seal
The second you make eye contact with this sketchy marine, his hands go into a frenzy. This guy is all about non-verbal communication.

He's tapping his nose, winking, wiping his forehead, tugging his earlobe. I can't tell if this guy just asked for cocaine or told the blue team to take the shot.

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