Ten Best Indie-Rock Albums of 2013

There's the age-old argument: which is better: the oldies of yesteryear or the untz of today? When you stop to think about it, music is always getting better. Not only do we have access to all the classic songs that influence current music but also to the newbies fighting to join the pantheon of today (AKA your playlist).

And so in 2048, when people of that time period are whining that music sucks, here are the ten indie-rock albums of 2013 that they can use to win the past-versus-present fight.

In alphabetical order...

1. Arcade Fire - Reflektor
For those who like: The Talking Heads on a time machine to the year 2013.
Save the title track, Reflektor is not as instantly accessible as the Montreal band's previous three albums. The lyrics are less pointed and more abstract. If Arcade Fire is indeed the heir to the Radiohead throne -- both critical and commercial favorites -- that would make Reflektor its Kid A with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy as the producer leading Arcade Fire away from its comfort zone.

2. Bombino - Nomad
For those who like: Bellydancing to the Black Keys.
Omara "Bombino" Moctar from North Africa learned to play guitar as a refugee living in Algeria and Libya. His Saharan garage rock blues made it a natural fit for this album to be produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach.

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