SZA Is Obsessed "Beyond Reason or Safety" with Music

You grew up Muslim, and I read that you're returning to that after years of not being very involved. What's the attraction to going back to it?
I feel like there's so much romanticism about spirituality right now. It's almost fantastical. People are like into this show, and the song and the dance and the lights and the crystals. All the things you can post on Tumblr. And I think there's so much comfort in the clarity of Islam. And the rigidity. There is no song and dance, there is no show. Either you're with it or not.

I just respect that, especially what I'm going through right now. In the space where I'm in, there's so much iffy-ness. I like things that are familiar that I can count on for sure. In that sense, mentally and spiritually, I can count on that. Cause it'll never change. There'll never be a new pop-up shop mosque with a performer. It'll always be what it was. And I like that.

You said you wanted to make a song with Justin Bieber. What's that all about? What's the attraction of the Biebs?
Can I tell you that is the craziest typo of life. I never said that. And it sucks because I don't want to be like mean. He's a really cute kid, and I think he's awesome, but in the same token, I never said that. I said I would make a song with Bjork.

They were like Biebjork?
I thought it was funny, I literally cracked up for like 8 hours.

You'll now always be known as someone who wants to make a song with Bieber. So what about Bjork?
I think she's one of the most vocally fearless people. Even before she started wearing those costumes, I'm talking MTV Unplugged, 1992, her vocally fearless approach to everything. She was so simple, but she let it all hang out. It was beautiful I love her.

Are you looking forward to anything at Basel?
I've never been. I think I want to check out this street art exhibit for sure, and I want to check out the Frank151 stuff. I definitely want to walk around the MOCA. I've never been. I'm so excited for everything. I'm just going to go everywhere.

SZA with Kendrick Lamar and DJ DZA as part of Flaunt Magazine, 3P Production, and Mana Wynwood's three-night concert series. Wednesday, Dec.4. Mana Wynwood, 318 NW 23rd Ave., Miami. Call 786-449-1258. Ages 18 and up. Visit

SZA. 9:30 p.m., December 6, at MOCA, 770 NE 125 St., North Miami. Visit

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