Logan Fazio, the Pinup Paparazzo: Caught the Eye of Page Six and Lenny Kravitz, Hopes to Work With Miley

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Photo by INFphoto.com
Pop culture cognoscente Andy Warhol is often quoted as having said: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." It's an expression that delves into the public's fascination with celebrity and the fickle fortune of fame. It still rings true today as much as it did in the '60s. This sentiment came straight to our heads when we saw the captivating media blitz that's currently surrounding local photographer Logan Fazio.

Given her talent with the long-range zoom lens, Fazio's certainly been a celebrity in our hearts for a long time. But just this past Sunday, an international paparazzo captured Fazio on the beach, donning a flowing top and an itty-bitty bikini bottom. Then wham bam, images of Fazio with a single-lens reflex camera in hand were splattered all across the webosphere.

So far, she's graced New York Post's infamous Page Six and even made it across the pond to the U.K.'s Daily Mail. We may even have seen her on CBS last night. Certainly her Facebook friend requests are skyrocketing (visit her Facebook fan page , where she affectionately coins herself the "Pin-Up Paparazzo").

Yesterday, Fazio was gracious enough to take a minute and speak with us over the phone. We asked the shapely photog how she's handling newfound fame and how she's planning to spin it. She seemed humbled by the process and is taking it all in stride.

New Times: We see that you labeled yourself the "Pin-Up Paparazzo" -- cute. We were wondering, though, doesn't the word "paparazzo" have a negative connotation? Doesn't it offend you?
Logan Fazio: It is what it is. I find it to be kind of a buzzword. The majority of people do take a negative attitude towards it, but hey, I am what I am. I can say I'm a photo journalist, but I am just going with it and having fun.

Do you always shoot people in a bikini?
It's what I do. I find a lot of celebrities on South Beach and always try to get a full-on body shot. People love to see shots of celebrities in bikinis.

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