Holly Hunt's Gavin Perry on Singing for the Band: "The Barry White Sessions Are Coming Up"

When Holly Hunt first started, we met and played with Shroud Eater, fill in duty for Betty's other band Beings. They ran the now defunct Beelzebub's Cave. They put on shows of heavy music from bands all around the country. DIY. It was magical. We became good friends and supporters of each other. We love them.

We met Carabella at one of our shows in Miami and then again in New York. A few months back he mentioned Black Cobra and his desire to bring them to Miami. We were stoked. A couple weeks back he called to see if I could help make that happen. We were stoked. I called Gramps and got the ball rolling. He was stoked. We were stoked. Everything has happened in a very truncated time, mostly smooth, if a bit stressful.

Everyone involved has been so enthusiastic. We just wanted to see Black Cobra play, here or anywhere else we could. We (were) thrilled and humbled to share the stage with both them and Shroud Eater.

When will you record that angelic voice of yours in a Holly Hunt track?
The Barry White sessions are coming up.

Year One is a solid listen from beginning to end, though at forty minutes, I'm left wanting more. Any other tracks that didn't make the recording cut or that simply didn't fit given the space limitations of wax? If so, any chance of them surfacing on comps or an EP?
No, not really. Year One has pretty much everything from year one. We are always writing. Sometimes it's a bit difficult with various other obligations but we are committed. We've released some variants on comps and tapes.


You've had a few road jaunts already, any fun/horrible experiences you'd like to share?
All experiences are horribly fun.

What does 2014 bring for the band as far as recording and/or touring?
A whole lot more horrible fun. An EP in early spring on OE and Sonic Titan. An East Coast tour with our friends Hollow Leg in late March. As of yesterday (Wednesday), Rick Smith booked us on two epic shows, Jucifer in February and GODFLESH in April. We will pick up the pieces after that and start recording for a full length.

Holly Hunt, with the Killing Hours, Manifest Test Subject, and Death Talisman VII. 9 p.m., Friday, December 13, at the Bubble, 810 NE Fourth Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $5. Visit facebook.com/iwanthebubble.

Holly Hunt at the Bubble December 13
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