Five Things You Don't Know About Jay Z

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He Boycotted His First Grammy Awards in Support of DMX
Over the years, Jay's been awarded 17 Grammys. And while most artists would see such accolades as a great honor, he actually refused to attend his first Grammys in 1999 because he felt DMX and rap music had gotten snubbed. "I didn't think they gave the rightful respect to hip-hop," he told MTV in 2002. And Jay was joined in protest by Eminem, Salt-n-Pepa, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and others. Regardless of a great number of nods and wins, he continues to blow the awards off from time to time. This year, he's been nominated five times. Do you think Hova will attend?

He Is a Business "Game Changer," According to Bloomberg
Not only does Jay command the attention of the music world, he's also got the business junkies on lock. This year, the Bloomberg media company even dedicated an entire 30-minute documentary special to his rise from drug dealer to Forbes hip-hop cash king and ranking member of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. "He went from street corner to corner office," Bloomberg mused, calling him "the CEO of a $450 million global empire." But that's not just a figure of speech. It's fact. He is former CEO of Def Jam and current CEO of his own Roc-A-Fella Records.

He's also the founder of Roc Nation, a partnership with Live Nation, which deals in music, sports, fashion, and entertainment. He owns a chain of clubs, 40/40, with locations in multiple cities. And he knows how to flip his holdings into mega-millions. He's living the true American Dream.

His Daughter is the Youngest Person Ever to Appear on the Billboard Charts
Jay's ruthless in the streets, on the mic, and in the office. But at home, he appears to be a gentle family man. Have you seen and heard his wife's new visual album, Beyoncé? It's incredible, and the clip for "Drunk in Love" has them lookin' like the sexiest, fiercest, most adorable couple. Of course, together, they're the most powerful and well-paid people in entertainment, so it only makes sense.

In 2012, they had their first child, a daughter named Blue Ivy, and they have both put her on their newest releases. For Jay's song "Glory," the girl makes a cameo, cooing at the end. And when it hit the Billboard Hot 200, she became the youngest chart-hitter ever. Not even two years old and already making history.

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